Slender Man

Horror character Slender Man was the inspiration for a 2014 stabbing attack on a sixth-grade student by two classmates who were trying to 'appease' the character.

The judge offered an analysis of the evidence before issuing his ruling, emphasizing that Morgan Geyser's credibility was an issue.
Morgan Geyser sits in court
Kenneth Robbins testifies over zoom
image of slender man
A judge will decide if Morgan Geyser can be released from a mental institution.
Morgan Geyser sits in court. (Court TV)
Morgan Geyser sits in court
A psychologist testified at Morgan Geyser's release hearing.
Morgan Geyser, accused of stabbing a classmate nearly to death almost a decade ago to please internet horror character Slender Man, is asking a judge to release her from a mental institution.
A woman is escorted by a deputy
morgan geyser appears in court
A woman is led by a deputy
A woman is led by a deputy