Cult Crimes

A group of people, typically religious or spiritual, who have committed acts of violence or murder. They may often be characterized by their extreme beliefs, charismatic leaders and a willingness to use violence to achieve their goals.

Eligio Bishop sits in court in a mask
Eligio Bishop sits with his attorneys in court
Former member and alleged victim of cult leader Eligio Bishop testifies in the Polygamist Cult Leader Trial.
A man sits in court with text on the screen
Aaron Dixon testifies in court
Accused polygamist cult leader Eligio Bishop.
Richard Allen court arrival.
GFX of Indiana high court's Delphi ruling.
Andrew Baldwin, Brad Rozzi, Judge Fran Gull, Delphi Murders suspect Richard Allen
Booking photo of Chad Daybell
Chad Daybell sits with his attorney in court
Richard Allen court arrival.
Lori Vallow (left), Megan Connor
Lori Vallow Daybell appears in court
Lori Vallow daybell stands in court between her attorneys
Chad Daybell sits during a court hearing
Alleged Pagan symbols found on tree
Richard Allen, wearing a bullet proof vest and yellow jumpsuit, appeared in court