Under federal and state law, kidnapping is commonly defined as taking or confining a person against their will by force, violence or fraud.

Craig N. Ross, Jr. at arraignment
a man tries to grab a girl getting into a car
Prosecutor Felicia Easter delivers opening statements
piece of paper says 'help me!' in red
Photo of Kristin Smart
A woman in sunglasses is seen in a surveillance photo
Desiree Figueroa mugshot
Lisa Nacrelli in court.
Jeremy Best
Craig Ross Jr. mug shot.
Booking photo of Craig Ross
Breasia Terrell's mother speaks at Henry Dinkins' sentencing.
Henry Dinkins speaks out at his sentencing.
Carlee Russell walks into a car
Woman smiles in photo
Breasia Terrell and Henry Dinkins combo image
Fred Cain III booking photo
dinkins' letter