Kids Who Kill

Murders and mass killings carried out by minors depict an especially terrifying type of true crime.

James Crumbley's defense attorney delivers her closing argument.
Michigan prosecutor delivers closings in the case against James Crumbley.
Julie Grant with a photo of the Oxford High school sign on the monitor.
Luke Kirtley testifies in court
Julie Grant with pics of Ethan Crumbley's drawings on the monitor behind her.
violent drawings in pen on a piece of paper
James Crumbley speaks to his lawyer in court
James Crumbley in court at his trial.
Julie Grant with James and Jennifer Crumbley on the monitor.
Mashenka Reid booking photo over copy of affidavit
james crumbley appears in court
Two people are charged with first degree intentional homicide in the death of a 5-year-old boy.
Slightly blurry/grainy photo of a smiling child
Jennifer Crumbley takes the stand.
Booking photo of Mashenka Reid
booking photo of Mashenka Reid
three booking photos side by side
three men in booking photos side by side
brian mcgann mugshot
Closing Arguments host Julia Jenae and think tank talk about Jennifer Crumbley trial

Anxiously Awaiting Historic Verdict

Julia Jenaé hosts this episode of Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan to discuss the School Shooter Mom Trial and the Delphi Murders case. (12/5/24) More

February 5, 2024