6 true crime titles to stream this month

Posted at 6:50 PM, January 17, 2024

Are you all caught up on the latest episodes of Court TV’s Accomplice to Murder and Victim to Verdict and looking for something new to binge? Here are a few trending titles that promise to pique any TV sleuth’s curiosity.

The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

  • Release date: Jan. 5, 2024
  • Where to watch: Lifetime

This six-hour special features unprecedented access to Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a victim of Factitious Disorder who suffered horrific abuse and made national headlines for her role in her mother’s violent murder. Many others have told Gypsy’s shocking story, but now she said she is finally ready to tell her truth before becoming a free woman for the first time. Gypsy Rose was released from prison on Dec. 28, 2023.

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Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test

  • Release date: Jan. 4, 2024
  • Where to watch: A&E, Hulu
In response to Casey Anthony‘s 2022 docuseries, where she revealed damning family secrets and doubled down on sex abuse and her father’s involvement in her daughter’s death, comes a new special showing the other side of the coin. Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, agree to undergo polygraph tests on-camera to answer lingering questions about George’s involvement in Caylee’s death in the new two-hour A&E special, “Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test.”
Stream the Court TV Legendary Trial: FL v. Casey Anthony: Tot Mom Murder Trial (2011)

American Nightmare

  • Release date: Jan. 17, 2024
  • Where to watch: Netflix

If you liked David Fincher’s psychological thriller, “Gone Girl,” or the hit novel written by Gillilan Flynn on which the movie was based, you should watch Netflix’s new docuseries “American Nightmare.” The show details the real-life twists and turns of Denise Huskins, who was kidnapped in 2015 and then later blamed for her disappearance.

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“Death By Fame,” Season 2

  • Release date: Jan. 22, 2024
  • Where to watch: ID, Max

Each episode of this Investigation Discovery series explores the case of a rising star whose unexpected death shook Hollywood. Comedian Jim Jeffries can be seen in the eerie season 2 trailer saying he worked with a guy who committed a murder “as horrific as anything Jeffrey Dahmer did.” Some of the other cases criminal trial attorney and host Sara Azari dig into include the unsolved murder of Jason Mizell, also known as Run-D.M.C’s Jam Master Jay, Joe Son, who played a hitman on the first Austin Powers movie, and the 2006 death of Godfather of Soul, James Brown and his son-in-law Darren “Chip” Lumar, who died two years later.


In case you missed it…

Depp v. Heard

  • Release date: (2o23) Streaming now
  • Where to watch: Netflix

Showing both testimonies side-by-side for the first time, this Netflix series explores the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial – filmed and licensed by Court TV –  that set Hollywood ablaze and the online fallout that ensued afterward. Look out for clips of Court TV’s coverage, including the official trailer where Court TV lead anchor Vinnie Politan asks the question plaguing those who watched in real-time, “What was the actual truth?”

Watch the full trial: DEPP v. HEARD (2022)

Murdaugh Murders: The Movie

  • Release date: (2023) Streaming now
  • Where to watch: Lifetime, Amazon, Frndly TV

Murdaugh Murders: The Movie follows the twisted true story of Alex Murdaugh, played by award-winning actor Bill Pullman, who was found guilty in the double homicide of his wife, Maggie and his son, Paul.


Watch Court TV on January 29. to Court TV to see the real-life Alex Murdaugh, who’s in court for an evidentiary hearing where his attorneys are arguing for a new trial over allegations of jury tampering involving the Clerk of Court. Court TV will bring you live coverage of the hearing from South Carolina.