Dan Markel

Dan Markel, a former FSU law professor, was shot and killed while sitting in his garage. His former brother-in-law, Charlie Adelson, was convicted of masterminding his death in a murder-for-hire plot.

split screen of charlie adelson and his defense attorney
Adelson says he thought his mom was being extorted.
Adelson tells jury that Magbanua told him her friend killed Markel.
Adelson testifies about Magbanua.
Charlie Adelson testifies.

Charlie Adelson Takes the Stand

Charlie Adelson takes the stand in his own defense, denies arranging Dan Markel's murder, talks about childhood, schooling, and dental career. More

November 2, 2023

Split screen of Donna and Charlie Adelson
Charlie Adelson stands as he addresses the court
Charlie Adelson listens to his mother's phone call.
GFX of Adelson Dolce Vita recording.
Wendi Adelson testifies
typed transcript
text over still from covert recording
Adelson listens to wiretapped call.
Ruth Markel is escorted out of court.
Julie points to a pic of the Adelsons.
Katherine Magbanua testifies
Charlie Adelson sits in court
Katherine Magbanua on the stand during redirect.
Magbanua on cross-examination.
Katherine Magbanua on direct.