James and Jennifer Crumbley

James and Jennifer Crumbley are charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter after their son, Ethan, shot and killed students at Oxford High School.

james crumbley appears in court
prosecutor delivers opening statement
james crumbley appears in court
James Crumbley enters the courtroom
James Crumbley mug shot.
Jennifer Crumbley takes the stand.
james crumbley appears in court
James Crumbley said he believes it would be
James Crumbley
James Crumbley will face four involuntary manslaughter charges when his trial starts in March.
James Crumbley wants jurors from a different county to decide his involuntary manslaughter case.
James Crumbley
Julie Grant on Opening Statements
pictures of Oxford victims and craig shilling
Ven Johnson speaks after Jennifer Crumbley's conviction.
The foresperson in the School Shooter Mom Trial speaks.
Jennifer Crumbley walks into court in shackles.
Victim Justin Shilling's father reacts to Crumbley verdict.
Jennifer Crumbley verdict announced.
jennifer crumbley appears in court