Sarah Boone

Banner of Sarah Boone Sarah Boone is accused of zipping her boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr., in a suitcase and leaving him to die on Feb. 25, 2020.

a handwritten letter on the left and a mugshot of a woman on the right
Photo of Sarah Boone with an excerpt from a hand-written letter
Sarah Boone at her July 2023 status hearing.
Page tear with highlighted handwriting on it
Split screen of Jose Torres and Sarah Boone.
Screengrab of Sarah Boone in court.
Sarah Boone in court in March 2023.
Cell phone video shows a zippered suitcase on a carpet
Sarah Boone looks at the camera
Sarah Boone (inset) over letters

On the Docket: Suitcase Murder Trial

VIDEO: Jorge Torres Jr. died after being zipped in a suitcase. His girlfriend, Sarah Boone, is charged with second-degree murder. A May 16 trial date... More

February 8, 2022