Mass Shootings

This type of gun violence involves the killing of four or more individuals in a single location, not including the perpetrator. It's become increasingly prevalent in many parts of the world and can have devastating effects on individuals and communities.

James Crumbley's defense attorney delivers her closing argument.
Michigan prosecutor delivers closings in the case against James Crumbley.
Julie Grant with a photo of the Oxford High school sign on the monitor.
Several witnesses took the stand in the School Shooter Dad Trial including a detective and sergeant from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.
Luke Kirtley testifies in court
Julie Grant with pics of Ethan Crumbley's drawings on the monitor behind her.
Shawn Hopkins
Despite numerous red flags and interactions with school officials, the school shooter's issues were never directly addressed, which led to the deadly shooting at Oxford High School.
violent drawings in pen on a piece of paper
still video image of james and jennifer crumbley at oxford high
Experts break down the relationship between James Crumbley and his son.
Prosecutors claim the Crumbleys bought their teen son the gun, all the while ignoring his mental health needs.
Cammy Back testifies selling a gun to James Crumbley.
James Crumbley speaks to his lawyer in court
James Crumbley in court at his trial.
Julie Grant with James and Jennifer Crumbley on the monitor.
Attorneys present their opening statements in the School Shooter Dad Trial, where James Crumbley faces four counts of involuntary manslaughter.
James Crumbley
james crumbley appears in court