Mass Shootings

This type of gun violence involves the killing of four or more individuals in a single location, not including the perpetrator. It's become increasingly prevalent in many parts of the world and can have devastating effects on individuals and communities.

graphic with photo of jennifer crumbley
four photos of victims
Jennifer Crumbley cries in court
screen showing instagram post from Jennifer Crumbley
Jennifer Crumbley is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.
Oxford High School assistant principal on the stand.
Oxford teacher shows jury her bullet scar.
Jennifer Crumbley's defense attorney delivers openings.
Crumbley prosecution opening statement.
counsel and judge discuss trial proceedings
photos of jennifer and james crumbley
Composite of Jennifer and Ethan Crumbley
Splitscreen: james Crumbley, Jennifer Crumbley, and Court TV guest analyst Philip Dube.
Payton Gendron appears in court
Jennifer Crumbley
Ethan Crumbley stands in court