Mass Shootings

This type of gun violence involves the killing of four or more individuals in a single location, not including the perpetrator. It's become increasingly prevalent in many parts of the world and can have devastating effects on individuals and communities.

Victim Justin Shilling's father reacts to Crumbley verdict.
Jennifer Crumbley verdict announced.
jennifer crumbley appears in court
Closing Arguments host Julia Jenae and think tank talk about Jennifer Crumbley trial

Anxiously Awaiting Historic Verdict

Julia Jenaé hosts this episode of Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan to discuss the School Shooter Mom Trial and the Delphi Murders case. (12/5/24) More

February 5, 2024

No verdict was reached in the School Shooter Mom Trial.
Crumbley jury asks a question.
courtroom proceedings during jennifer crumbley trial
Jennifer Crumbley
Experts discuss the possibility of the Crumbleys trying to flee after shooting.
Deliberations are set to begin Monday in the School Shooter Mom Trial.
Redirect examination of Jennifer Crumbley.
Crumbley and judge.
Jennifer Crumbley on cross-examination.
jennifer crumbley and her attorney appear in court
Ethan Crumbley's drawing
Jennifer Crumbley
Jennifer Crumbley
Jennifer Crumbley stands with her attorney.
Jennifer Crumbley recalls learning about school shooting.
From the Bench with Judge Ashely Willcott