Uncover the dark and intricate web of plots, motives and sinister secrets of contract killers, accused of making murder a commodity by buying and selling human lives.

split screen of lindsay shiver and two men
Donna Adelson appears in court
Donna Adelson official mug shot.
Photo of Lindsay Shiver in a pool.
Shana Gardner and Mario Fernandez Saldana.
Jose Baez speaks to the media after Shanna Gardner's court appearance.
Shanna Gardner and Mario Fernandez Saldana appear in court
Jose Baez stands with Shanna Gardner in court
photos of shanna gardner and mario fernandez saldana with Matt johnson
GFX about Charlie Adelson's jailhouse phone calls to his mom.
side by side photos of henry tenon, mario saldana and shanna gardner
side by side photos of dan markel and donna adelson
Donna Adelson Leon County arraignment.

Donna Adelson Arraignment

Donna Adelson was arraigned in Leon County on murder, conspiracy and solicitation charges related to the death of Dan Markel. More

November 21, 2023

Donna Adelson's mugshot
Booking photo of donna adelson
photos of mario saldana and shanna gardner
split screen of wendi and charlie adelson
split screen of donna adelson in court and ruth markel
Donna Adelson mugshot

Donna Adelson Indicted by Grand Jury

A Leon County grand jury indicted Donna Adelson on charges she arranged for the murder of her former son-in-law, FSU professor Dan Markel. More

November 15, 2023