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Police in the Bahamas escort a woman in handcuffs
Lindsay Shiver walks with a folder hiding her face

Lindsay Shiver Released on Bail

Lindsay Shiver walked out of jail in the Bahamas on Wednesday after a brief court appearance alongside her alleged lover. More

August 9, 2023

lindsay shiver escorted by police
lindsay shiver leaves court
A man in a striped shirt testifies in court with his arms crossed
A woman walks out of a building holding a folder in front of her face
A man motions to the camera
Lindsay Shiver
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VIDEO: Vanessa Rae Lavaty, 34, of Colorado Springs, has pleaded guilty to criminal attempt to commit manslaughter and retaliation against a witness or victim.
Lindsay and Robert Shiver.
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Lindsay Shiver is accused of conspiring to have her estranged husband killed.
Man stands in court listening to verdict
Three men sit at the counsel table in court
Darrin Lopez listens to closing arguments in his murder trial.
caitlyn pavers delivers closing argument
darrin lopez testifies
Darrin Lopez
evidence is shown in darrin lopez trial