Uncover the dark and intricate web of plots, motives and sinister secrets of contract killers, accused of making murder a commodity by buying and selling human lives.

Wendi Adelson on cross.
split screen of charlie and wendi adelson
Wendi Adelson testifies about hitman joke her brother made.
Wendi Adelson testifes at her brother Charlie's murder trial.
Dan Markel's garage.
Dan Markel's neighbor testifies.
Defense opening in Adelson.
State's open in Adelson.

The Case Against Charlie Adelson

Law professor Dan Markel was gunned down in his driveway. Prosecutors say his ex-brother-in-law, dentist Charlie Adelson plotted the murder. More

October 26, 2023

Ruth Markel speaks at a podium
charlie adelson
Charlie Adelson stands in court
Charlie Adelson at jury selection.
split screen of 3 mugshots
A man sits in court
GFX of Dan Markel with Adelson charges.
split screen of dan markel and charlie adelson
family tree on a monitor
Charlie Adelson in Court
Shanna Gardner remote appearance in court