Uncover the dark and intricate web of plots, motives and sinister secrets of contract killers, accused of making murder a commodity by buying and selling human lives.

split screen of wendi and charlie adelson
split screen of donna adelson in court and ruth markel
Donna Adelson mugshot

Donna Adelson Indicted by Grand Jury

A Leon County grand jury indicted Donna Adelson on charges she arranged for the murder of her former son-in-law, FSU professor Dan Markel. More

November 15, 2023

Donna Adelson official mug shot.
split screen of jack campbell and donna adelson
Donna adelson photo with probable cause affidavit
Donna Adelson's first court appearance.
Donna Adelson official mug shot.
Donna Adelson mug shot.

Donna Adelson Arrested

Donna Adelson was reportedly arrested on an out-of-county warrant. Her son, Charlie, was convicted of the first-degree murder of Dan Markel. More

November 14, 2023

picture of Dan Markel
Charles Adelson listens to the verdict
Maya's brother Kyle Kowalski during closings.
Dan Markel's divorce attorney talks to Court TV.
split screen of charlie adelson and julia jenae
Charlie Adelson puts his head in his hands
Charles Adelson listens to the verdict
Prosecutor delivers rebuttal closing in Adelson case.
Adelson defense attorney Daniel Rashbaum delivers closings.
Prosecutor delivers closings in Adelson.