Murder & Mayhem

Delve into the chilling realm of crime, where murder, mystery and chaos reign, and the ultimate battle for justice that follows.

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Donna Adelson mug shot.

Donna Adelson Arrested

Donna Adelson was reportedly arrested on an out-of-county warrant. Her son, Charlie, was convicted of the first-degree murder of Dan Markel. More

November 14, 2023

Jeremy Goodale appears in court
a student speaks to a crowd
photo of idaho victims

The Case Against Bryan Kohberger

A look at the mounting evidence against Bryan Kohberger, the former Ph.D. student accused of the grisly murders of four University of Idaho students ahead... More

November 13, 2023

A man and woman in jail uniforms and face masks sit in court
Alex Murdaugh testifies in court
Ivan Brammer walks through court
sketch shows kaitlin armstrong and her attorney
Ivan Brammer's defense attorney delivers his opening statement.
Paul J. Forney delivers the State's open in IA v. Brammer: Strangled Girlfriend Murder Trial.
Alex Murdaugh
Defense Attorney Donna Kuchler
Eye Drops Murder Trial prosecution closing argument.
Lori Ann Phillips, Mark Phillips, Todd Phillips
Lori Ann Phillips and her attorney listen to the verdict
Lori Ann Phillips testifies
Prosecutor addresses the jury
Prosecutor delivers closing arguments