Devaunte Hill to be sentenced for killing Nashville nurse

Posted at 9:26 AM, March 6, 2023

By: Kelly Broderick , Alexandra Koehn

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — At the sentencing hearing, Caitlyn Kaufman’s grieving mom had some strong words for the trigger man who killed her daughter on I-440.

Devaunte Hill’s verdict came in at the end of January, while his co-defendant James Cowan received a Not Guilty verdict.

Devaunte Hill, left, and James Cowan, right in court during the eight-day murder trial of Caitlyn Kaufman. Hill was found guilty of second-degree murder and Cowan was found not guilty. (WTVF)

Hill fired shots that killed Kaufman two years ago in what was described as a road rage shooting.

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“This has truly been my family’s worst nightmare that we’ve been forced to live,” the victim’s mom, Diane Kaufman, said.

“She was my pride and joy; she had beautiful blue eyes and a smile that put you at ease,” Diane said.

Through her tears, she had some words for Devaunte at the sentencing hearing.

“You’ve taken so much from my family, and from Caitlyn’s friends — there is so much that she wanted to do, that she’ll never get to do because she was murdered. From meeting her Godson to being in her brother’s wedding to being in two of her best friend’s weddings to getting engaged herself and having the wedding of her dreams — having the three children whose names she already picked out.”

Hill took the stand to reply to her.

“I know I made an irrational and dumb decision, and I’d really like to apologize to Ms. Kaufman for my stupid behavior,” Devaunte Hill said.

But no words, or remorse, will bring Caitlyn back.

“I have no doubt that Caitlyn is in heaven; my heart and our lives were shattered on December 3rd 2020,” Diane said. “Our daughter, Tyler’s sister, was murdered. Caitlyn was not ready to die; she had so much to live for and accomplish in this world.”

Diane is also upset the jury acquitted the other person in the car, James Cowan. He was found not guilty of any charges. However, he’s locked up as a federal court case is pending.

FILE – This undated photo provided by WTVF shows Caitlyn Kaufman, a Nashville nurse that was killed in a road rage shooting Dec. 3, 2020. (WTVF)

“How will the jury feel when Mr. Cowan and Hill murder again? The defendants stole my daughter’s life, but they get to live; my daughter doesn’t,” Kaufman said.

The judge is taking the sentencing under advisement. She will issue a written decision on how long Hill will serve behind bars later this month.

This story was originally published March 3 by WTVF in Nashville, an E.W. Scripps Company.