Delphi Murders

Richard Allen has been arrested in the killings of two teenage girls near their northern Indiana hometown in 2017.

Think Tank discusses Delphi murders.
map of delphi in studio monitor
split screen of judge francis gull and richard allen
Richard Allen is escorted into court
A makeshift memorial to Liberty German, and Abigail Williams
Judge Fran Gull presides from the bench
Judge Gull and Richard Allen's former attorneys.
Richard Allen court arrival.
Matt Johnson stands on a bridge
Richard Allen court arrival.
Richard Allen walks down the stairs with police
Judge Frances Gull sits on the bench
split screen of bridge in delphi and murder sheet podcasters
Judge Gull presides in court
Richard Allen, wearing a bullet proof vest and yellow jumpsuit, appeared in court
Judge Gull speaks to attorneys
Richard Allen walks through the Allen County courthouse
Richard Allen court arrival.
GFX of statement about attys wanting to represent Delphi suspect pro bono.
Officers escort Richard Matthew Allen