Ethan Crumbley

Ethan Crumbley was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after pleading guilty to killing four students and injuring seven others in a mass shooting at Oxford High School on Nov. 30, 2021.

Jailhouse calls made by the Oxford School Shooter's father, James Crumbley, impacted the judge's decision to go above and beyond in sentence recommendation in the School Shooter Dad Case.
Jennifer Crumbley reacts to sentencing
Madisyn Baldwin's mother delivers victim impact statement
james and jennifer crumbley in court
Jennifer Crumbley is hoping to avoid prison and instead be fitted with an electronic tether and live with her attorney Shannon Smith.
Prosecutor Karen McDonald presents her case against Jennifer Crumbley.
Prosecutor and victims families stand behind a podium
Julie Grant with Ethan Crumbley's writings on the monitor.
Experts listen to James Crumbley's police interview as well as the 911 call he made after he heard about the Oxford High School shooting.
The actions and inactions of Jennifer and James Crumbley are compared and how their individual and collective relationship with the Oxford High School shooter led to the deadly shooting.
The jury is deliberating the fate of the father of a Michigan school shooter on trial for his role in the 2021 Oxford High School shooting.
James Crumbley's defense attorney delivers her closing argument.
Michigan prosecutor delivers closings in the case against James Crumbley.
Julie Grant with a photo of the Oxford High school sign on the monitor.
Several witnesses took the stand in the School Shooter Dad Trial including a detective and sergeant from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.
Julie Grant with pics of Ethan Crumbley's drawings on the monitor behind her.
Shawn Hopkins
Despite numerous red flags and interactions with school officials, the school shooter's issues were never directly addressed, which led to the deadly shooting at Oxford High School.