Parkland School Massacre

The latest legal news in the Parkland school massacre cases involving gunman Nikolas Cruz and school resource officer Scot R. Peterson.

Scot Peterson defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh delivers openings
Steven Klinger delivers the prosecution's opening statement in the trial of school resource officer Scot R. Peterson
Scot Peterson appears in court for a pre-trial hearing
Judge Elizabeth Scherer speaks from the bench
Surveillance video shows former deputy Scot Peterson responding to the Parkland School shooting.
Scot Peterson stands with his attorney in court during jury selection.
Scot Peterson, the only armed school resource officer on campus the day of the Parkland School Massacre and did nothing to help, faces trial.
Scot Peterson appears in court
Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School School Resource Officer Scot Peterson stands in court.
Polly Klass and her dad in a family photo.
Judge Scherer hugs members of Parkland prosecution team
Judge Elizabeth Scherer reads instructions to potential jurors
Judge Elizabeth Scherer hugs Jennifer Guttenberg following the sentencing