Thomas Randolph

Thomas Randolph was convicted twice for the 2008 shooting deaths of his wife and the hitman with whom he conspired to kill her.

thomas randolph appears in court
thomas randolph appears in court
two men sit and speak to the camera
A man sits in court wearing headphones
evidence in thomas randolph trial
randolph trial
From the Bench with Judge Ashely Willcott
woman testifies in thomas randolph trial
thomas randolph
sepia-toned photo of a man, wearing a suit with long white hair, and a woman with short curly hair
thomas randolph walks through crime scene
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A man speaks to a person standing off-camera
thomas randolph appears in court
thomas randolph
Woman speaks into a microphone while testifying in court.
Thomas Randolph's defense attorney.
A man in a suit speaks into a microphone, held by a woman