NV v. Thomas Randolph: ‘The Widower’ Murder Trial

Posted at 2:12 PM, April 4, 2024 and last updated 2:13 PM, April 4, 2024

LAS VEGAS (Court TV) — A Nevada man twice-convicted in the 2008 shooting deaths of his wife and the hitman he conspired with to kill her has been sentenced to a total of 60 years to life in prison.

In Aug., a jury once again convicted Thomas Randolph of conspiracy to commit murder and two counts of murder with the use of a deadly weapon in the deaths of his sixth wife, Sharon Randolph, and hitman Michael Miller.

thomas randolph appears in court

Thomas Randolph appears in court April 4, 2024 for sentencing. (Court TV)

During his sentencing Thursday, Thomas spoke about how “wonderful Sharon is” and how much he loved her. He said he doesn’t believe he has many years left because of his poor health and “dementia.” Thomas also insisted he didn’t kill Sharon and believes he’ll get a new trial after the Supreme Court of Nevada reviews his case.

With time served accounted for, a judge sentenced him to a total of 60 years to life in prison, as follows:

  • Count 1: Conspiracy to commit murder: 4-10 years
  • Count 2: Murder: 20 years to life in prison (consecutive 96-240 months for deadly weapon enhancement)
  • Count 3: Murder: 20 years to life in prison (consecutive 96-240 months for deadly weapon enhancement)

In 2017, Thomas was sentenced to death for the murders of Sharon and Miller. His conviction was overturned in 2021 after the state’s highest court found the district court abused its discretion in admitting prior-bad-act evidence at trial.

Thomas’ case was the focus of the Dateline docuseries “The Widower.” The defendant was married six times, and “four of his wives died under mysterious circumstances,” reported Oxygen. Outside of his Nevada conviction, Thomas was once a suspect in the 1986 death of his second wife, Becky Gault, in Utah. He was acquitted of all charges in Gault’s death in 1988.

During his first Nevada trial, prosecutors relied heavily on evidence from the Utah trial, including testimony from the man Thomas allegedly tried to recruit to kill Gault.

According to court documents, on the evening of May 8, 2008, Thomas called 911 to report that a masked intruder shot Sharon and that he shot and killed the intruder. Thomas recognized the intruder as 38-year-old Miller, a person he befriended a few months before and with whom prosecutors say he developed an extensive, secretive relationship.

A Clark County jury first convicted Thomas of murder and conspiracy charges in June 2017 for their deaths and recommended two death sentences. After his conviction was overturned in 2021, the case was remanded for a new trial.



DAY 10 – 8/24/23

DAY 9 – 8/23/23

DAY 8 – 8/22/23

  • The state rested.
  • The defense began their case.

DAY 7 – 8/21/23

  • The lead detective on the case took the stand.
  • The jury heard another interview Randolph did with detectives on June 3, 2008. His demeanor appeared casual.
  • Part of Randolph’s June 3, 2008 police interview was not redacted and the jurors heard that Randolph was previously married to Becky. After the jurors left, the attorneys discussed where to pick back up in the video after updating their redactions. The attorneys will keep what was already played, but the jury will not hear the rest of the answer. A new exhibit with the updated redactions will be made before the exhibits go back with the jury.

DAY 6 – 8/18/23

  • The state showed autopsy photos of Sharon and Miller to the jury.
  • A now-retired senior crime scene analyst visited the scene about a week after the incident and noted evidence that wasn’t initially found by crime scene analysts the night of the incident.

DAY 5 – 8/17/23

  • The court voir dire-d the jurors about one incident regarding a security guard making a comment about, if they were on a case about a politician, vote guilty and another incident on the elevator where a person with a blazer carrying files asked if they were department 10 jurors. In both instances, jurors ignored these comments. No jurors were dismissed.
  • The jury heard from Michael Miller’s family.
  • Items from the crime scene were tested for blood and DNA.
  • WATCH: ‘The Widower’ Murder Trial: Day 5

DAY 4 – 8/16/23

  • The jury heard from the state’s firearms expert.
  • The jury learned that between December 20, 2007 – June 2, 2008, Randolph called Miller an average of 2.7 calls a day.
  • The jury looked at crime scene photos.
  • WATCH: ‘The Widower’ Murder Trial: Day 4

DAY 3 – 8/15/23

  • The jury witnessed Randolph do a walkthrough video with law enforcement.
  • At the end of Det. Mogg’s testimony, one of the juror’s asked, if at any point during Det. Mogg’s interactions with Randolph, if Randolph cried. Det. Mogg said no. The defense noted in a follow-up question that Randolph was screaming in the 911 call and Det. Mogg agreed.
  • The jury listened to Randolph’s 911 call.
  • WATCH: ‘The Widower’ Murder Trial: Day 3

DAY 2 – 8/14/23

  • The jury saw several photos of Sharon and Thomas Randolph during one of their weddings.
  • Elizabeth Lavadour, who was seeing Thomas when he was with Sharon, testified.
  • Det. Clifford Mogg’s initial interview with Thomas the night of May 8, 2008 played out for the jury.
  • WATCH: ‘The Widower’ Murder Trial: Day 2

DAY 1 – 8/11/23