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Defense attorney Andrew Munger dwlivwra closings in the Strangled Girlfriend Murder Trial.
Creighton Waters speaks in court, while Alex Murdaugh sits with his attorneys in the background
Pic of Mo Wilson on court screen during penalty phase.
Julie Grant's Opening Statements intro.
split screen of judge newman and alex murdaugh
Kaitlin Armstrong stands in court
Poster for Gwyneth the musical
Prya Murad
Tim Ferriter listens to sentencing
Kaitlin Armstrong in court as verdict is read.
Tim Ferriter listens to his son's victim impact statement
Tim Ferriter addresses the court during sentencing
Lt. Jason Johansson
Kaitlin Armstrong defense attorney Geoffrey Puryear delivers closings.
Kaitlin Armstrong's defense attorney holds up Mo Wilson's bike in court.
Prosecutor Rickey Jones
Opening Statements with Julie Grant
Colin Strickland GFX