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Joel Souza testifies in court
prosecutor delivers opening statement
Experts weigh in on how Hannah Gutierrez's guilty verdict can affect A-list celebrity Alec Baldwin's trial.
A New Mexico jury deliberated for less than three hours before delivering a mixed verdict in the case of Hannah Gutierrez.
Juror Albert Sanchez speaks with reporters after Hannah Gutierrez was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
hannah gutierrez mugshot
Reactions from experts and Hannah Gutierrez's defense as they weigh in on the verdict in the Baldwin Movie Shooting Trial.
A jury deliberated for over two hours before returning a verdict for Hannah Gutierrez.
Judge presides over courtroom
james crumbley appears in court
Dina Kareem sits on the witness stand
Hannah Gutierrez
Prosecutor speaks in court
Hannah Gutierrez sits in court
Prosecutor holds up evidence during closing arguments.
charles escalera booking photo
side by side photos of Madeline Soto and Stephan Sterns
Scott Peterson at his arraignment.
court proceedings in howington trial
Julie Grant with a picture of 5-year-old Destiny Oliver on the monitor.