Murder & Mayhem

Delve into the chilling realm of crime, where murder, mystery and chaos reign, and the ultimate battle for justice that follows.

Franklin Tucker walks into court
split screen of Indiana Supreme Court and Barbara MacDonald
splitscreen of Karen Read and her attorney
Richard Allen court arrival.
surveillance video of an SUV
video shows Donna Adelson's arrest
photo of items with crime scene number
Photo of Kristin Smart
GFX of Indiana high court's Delphi ruling.
Judge sits on bench
karen read appears in court
Indiana Supreme Court hears Delphi arguments.
Chad Daybell and attorney John Prior
zoom meeting of courtroom and judge
Franklin Tucker sits in court
Martinez mug shot
George Wagner testifies
Travis Johnson testifies in court

Treehouse Murder Trial: Day 4 Recap

Franklin 'Ty' Tucker, who is representing himself, cross-examined the prosecution's star witness: the man who said he drove the getaway car. More

January 17, 2024

Karen Read sits in court with her attorneys
split screen photos of Adam and Harmony Montgomery