Murder & Mayhem

Delve into the chilling realm of crime, where murder, mystery and chaos reign, and the ultimate battle for justice that follows.

smiling photo of Madeline Soto and her mother.
samanth and sarah petersen mugshots
Ashley Benefield's trial is set to begin in July.
Experts weigh in on whether Hannah Gutierrez should take the witness stand.
Firearms expert, Frank Koucky displays questionable gun safety measures as he takes the stand.
hannah gutierrez appears in court
Ex-Idaho Trooper Daniel Howard is charged with first-degree murder.
James Crumbley enters the courtroom
Two people are charged with first degree intentional homicide in the death of a 5-year-old boy.
James Crumbley mug shot.
Three people sit in an interview room seen on surveillance video
side by side images of hannah gutierrez
Hannah Gutierrez sits in court
Robin Howington's defense attorney Mike Whelan delivers his opening statement.
Joe Key looks through printouts of text messages as he testifies.
Prosecutor delivers opening statement in Mother Daughter Murder Trial.
Stephan Sterns appears in an interview with WFTV
Slightly blurry/grainy photo of a smiling child
Hannah Gutierrez in court.