Chad Daybell’s attorney says Lori Vallow could be called as a witness

Posted at 10:30 AM, March 27, 2024

By: Don Nelson

BOISE, Idaho (Scripps News Boise) — Jury selection for Chad Daybell‘s trial starts next week. It’s a case that thrust the accused killer’s defense attorney, John Prior, into the national spotlight. Prior granted an exclusive interview to Scripps News Boise’s Don Nelson ahead of the upcoming high profile case.

“All I can say is he reached out to me, and that’s how it started and at this point were ready to go forward and he wants to tell his story,” said Prior.

chad daybell mugshot

This March 21, 2024 booking photo provided by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office shows Chad Daybell. (Ada County Sheriff’s Office)

That story will start next week with jury selection in a trial that’s expected to last anywhere from eight to ten weeks. And, if you think Prior has assembled a team to take on this high profile case, think again.

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“Well unfortunately Don, I’m doing this myself and that makes things a little challenging but fortunately, I’ve had three years and 10 months to go through all the evidence, to sort of look at what I want to present to the jury. And I’m looking forward to my opportunity to do that,” Prior added.

Nelson asked Prior, who attended Lori Vallow Daybell’s trial on a regular basis, if he learned anything that he could use in Chad Daybell’s case.

“Did I learn a lot of things I did learn a lot of things? Did I learn new things? Absolutely. Did I see what the prosecutor intends to do? Was it a surprise? No.”

Nelson also asked whether Lori Vallow Daybell, Chad’s wife, could be called to the stand.

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“It’s possible. It’s always possible. Anybody connected to a case can be called and I want to be clear, I’m not telling you I am or the State or anybody is, but anybody could be called; if you have an involvement in this case you can potentially become a witness on this case,” Prior answered.

The trial hasn’t started yet, but John Prior is grateful for one thing.

“I’m grateful Judge Steven Boyce decided to move the trial over to Ada County. One of the main reasons I’m grateful, I know the folks in Ada County, I’ve spent a half of my life living here.”

And for the next few months, most of that time will be spent at the Ada County Courthouse.

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