Court TV

Accused polygamist cult leader Eligio Bishop.
Harmony Montgomery close up portrait.
Harmony Montgomery and her brother, Jamison.
Splitscreen of Adam Montgomery and Chad Doerman.
Julie Grant in front of a monitor with a picture of Ruby Franke and family.
Julie Grant with a picture of Adam Montgomery on the monitor.
Fotis Dulos' driveway.
Jason Meade appears in court
combo image of Adam and harmony montgomery
From the Bench with Judge Ashely Willcott
Kayla Montgomery dabs her eyes with a tissue.
Kayla Montgomery describes living in car with kids.
Annette Harvey on direct
Adam Montgomery mugshot
Court TV Rampage Killers logo
Harmony Montgomery's biological daughter, Crystal Sorey, testifies.
Harmony Montgomery next to a picture of Minnie Mouse.
Victim Justin Shilling's father reacts to Crumbley verdict.
Jennifer Crumbley verdict announced.
Annette Harvey's defense attorney Don Spurrell delivers openings.