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Kamar Humphrey, Iyana Sawyer's neighbor.
Former NFL player Charlie Batch talks Sergio Brown.
One of the jurors who convicted Sydney Powell.
Don Malarcik after Powell verdict.
Verdict announced in Powell.
Quiles in court on 9/20/23.
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September 20, 2023

Don Malarcik whispers to Sydney Powell.
Ohio prosecutor Dan Sallerson delivers State rebullal closing in case against Sydney Powell.
Defense attorney Don Malarcik delivers closings in OH v. Sydney Powell.
State delivers closings in OH v. Sydney Powell.
Cory Fleming addresses court ahead of sentencing.
Cory Fleming's defense attorney.
Gloria Satterfield's son speaks at Fleming sentencing.
Cory Fleming on 9/14/23.
Russell Laffitte in court on 9/14.
Alex Murdaugh in court on 9/14/23
Prosecutor delivers openings in MA v. Rintala.
Sydney Powell's defense attorney Don Malarcik.