Court TV

Charlie Adelson
Karm and Joel Waldman talk Adelson news.
Court TV addresses the many conflicting stories regarding Tammy Daybell's death, including Garth Daybell saying he found Tammy dead on the couch in one instance while also saying he found her dead on the bed. Chad Daybell told the judge that he will not testify.
Beverly McCallum
Daybell defense rests.
Hannah Gutierrez's attorneys file motion for new trial and release.
Julie Grant with a picture of John O'Keefe's mom on the monitor.
Christopher Gregor sits in court
Court TV takes a look at some of the biggest moments that have happened in the Doomsday Prophet Murder Trial, which includes Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow discussing building a pool in the backyard a day before the bodies were found.
Chad Daybell listens in court on May 22, 2024.
Abulaban on the stand.
Julie with a pic of Ali Abulaban on the monitor behind her.
Charlie Adelson, the wealthy Fort Lauderdale periodontist who's serving a life sentence for plotting to murder Florida State University law professor Dan Markel, has been transferred to a prison in South Dakota.
Julie Grant with a picture of Abulaban on the monitor.
Jen McCabe becomes frustrated.
Jen McCabe on cross.
Emma Murray, daughter of Chad and Tammy Daybell, testifies.
Julie Grant with a still picture from the Diddy hotel abuse on the monitor.
Splitscreen of photos of Tylee and JJ with a CTV guest commentating.