Court stops sale of Jodi Hildebrandt’s $5.3 million home

Posted at 3:51 PM, January 19, 2024

IVINS, Utah (Scripps News Salt Lake City) — Jodi Hildebrandt will have to take her $5 million home off the market after a judge ruled that any sale will have to wait until her sentencing next month.

Jodi Hildebrandt stands in court

Jodi Hildebrandt pleaded guilty in court to four counts of child abuse. (Court TV)

The decision was made after Kevin Franke, the husband of YouTuber Ruby Franke, filed for restitution against Hildebrand earlier this week. Both Ruby Franke and Hildebrandt pleaded guilty last month to multiple counts of aggravated child abuse after two of Franke’s children were discovered malnourished inside the Ivins home.

In the motion, Kevin Franke said the children have “have undergone medical care and have been subjected to psychological assessments and ongoing medical health treatment in an attempt to assist them in comprehending and recovering from these [abuse] injuries.”

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Because of the children needing long-term care, Kevin Franke says the cost will fall on him, and not his wife or Hildebrandt, the two who caused the suffering.

The court agreed with the motion and ordered Hildebrandt not to sell her home at least until she is sentenced on Feb. 20.

Hildebrandt placed her 4 bedroom Ivins home at 854 West Tawgoo Court on the market earlier this month. Listed for $5.3 million, it is still listed online despite the judge’s ruling.

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