Child Abuse

Child abuse can take many forms, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect, and can result in serious harm or even death.

split screen of mugshot and surveillance video of bus
Volunteers say there is no evidence linking Elijah Vue to the salvage yard, but searchers have been covering a wide area in their efforts.
Experts analyze Stephan Sterns' body language as he's transported by authorities after he was arrested.
An unknown woman called 911 to report Madeline Soto missing and the panel discuss who the caller may have been and how calm the person seems to be.
The medical examiner's office said the report is confidential and exempt from being publicly released.
photo of elijah vue
photos of three people side by side
Detective testifies in court
Booking photo of Samantha Wishman
Three months after she was released from prison to live with her new husband, it appears the honeymoon period has ended for Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her husband.
Ryan and Gypsy are pictured on their wedding day.
The panel weigh in and discuss a short video of Madeline Soto on her 13th birthday.
Adam and Harmony Montgomery side by side
Adam Montgomery sits in court
madeline soto missing poster
Stephan Sterns was using the Telegram App, which is an encrypted instant messaging service.
The panel discuss Ruby Franke's journal entries.
The panel listen and discuss 'Momfluencer' Ruby Franke's jail phone calls.
After an abused child escapes Jodi Hildebrandt's home to get help, police respond by raiding her home.
Ruby Franke remains silent after being arrested,