Child Abuse

booking photo of Timothy Ferriter
mugshots of Tim and Tracey Ferriter
Orson West (L) and Orrin West (R
Harmony Montgomery and Adam Montgomery
Ruby Franke in front of her house.
Timothy Ferriter at Zoom hearing.
construction inside of a home
Attorneys and a judge talk in a courtroom.
David Schonabaum, Angel Schonabaum and Delaina Thurman mugshots
photo of a smiling blonde woman
Kamar Humphrey, Iyana Sawyer's neighbor.
Ruby Franke during a virtual court appearance
Quiles in court on 9/20/23.
A woman speaks to the camera
kristen graham mugshot
combo image of Adam and harmony montgomery
ruby franke
Ruby Franke Jodi Hildebrant
ruby franke
ruby franke