Volume of videos causes delays for teens accused of killing classmate

Posted at 9:13 PM, December 13, 2023

LAS VEGAS (Scripps News Las Vegas) — Two of the Rancho High School teens accused of beating and killing their classmate Jonathan Lewis last month were back in court Tuesday Morning.

Lt. Jason Johansson

Lt. Jason Johansson announces the arrests of eight teenagers in connection with the beating death of their Rancho High School classmate, Jonathan Lewis, Jr. (Scripps News Las Vegas)

The teens are facing several felony charges, including second-degree murder.

The attorneys for Damien Hernandez and Gianni Robinson each filed motions to release the teens from custody. Hernandez is represented by Karen Ann Connolly, and Robinson is represented by Robert Draskovich.

In a brief hearing, Justice Court Judge Nadia Wood delayed hearings for both teens, arguing defense attorneys need to review additional video provided by the state.

“I’m going to pass this to Thursday so I have a chance to review the videos and witness statements,” Wood said.

After court Tuesday, Chief Deputy District Attorney John Giordani told Channel 13 that the amount of videos in the case is substantial. Just about a week ago in juvenile court, the same matter came up during a certification hearing for four of the nine suspects.

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Those teens, ages 13 through 15, appeared virtually before family court Judge Amy Mastin. The hearing was to evaluate their possible move from juvenile to adult court. But Chief Deputy District Attorney Summer Clarke asked the judge to delay all four cases because of the number of videos.

“We are still collecting discovery in this case,” said Clarke in court last Wednesday.

Judge Mastin delayed the adult certification hearing until January. Some family members of the suspects were emotional and offered condolences to Lewis’ family.

“I want to say condolences to the family,” said the brother of two of the teen suspects in juvenile court. “We don’t wish anything on anybody. It’s hard on everybody.”

Four of the teens being tried as adults will be back in justice court Thursday morning. Four of the teens currently in juvenile court will be back for certification on January 3.

Police arrested a ninth person currently in the juvenile system, but details of their court hearing are currently unavailable. As of Tuesday, Metro Police are still looking for a tenth suspect in the case.

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