Brice Rhodes

Brice Rhodes is charged with three counts of murder in the deaths of Christopher Jones, Larry Ordway and Maurice 'Reece' Gordon.

Brice Rhodes sits in court during his sentencing hearing
Brice Rhodes sits in court
Victim Chris Jones' relative speaks out after killer Brice Rhodes' sentencing.
Brice Rhodes sits in court
Closing Arguments in Brice Rhodes trial
Brice Rhodes' defense attorney delivers his closing in the penalty phase.
Brice Rhodes prosecutor.
Verdict announced in Rhodes.
Verdict announced in Rhodes.
Prosecutor delivers closings in Rhodes case.
Brice Rhodes' defense attorney Tom Griffiths' delivers his closings.
Jacorey Taylor holds his hand to his face on the witness stand
Jacorey Taylor
Brice Rhodes looks at the camera in court

Witness to Murder Trial: Day 2 Recap

Anjuan Carter's chilling testimony portrayed Brice Rhodes as the mastermind of three murders as he described in detail killing two teenagers. More

December 13, 2023

Inmate testifies in court
Anjuan Carter testifies in court
Deborah Wren
Inmate testifies in court
attorney deliveres opening statements in court
Prosecutor delivers opening statements