Jessy Kurczewski

Jessy Kurczewski banner Jessy Kurczewski, 39, is charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of felony theft in the 2018 death of 62-year-old Lynn Hernan. Prosecutors say Kurczewski killed Hernan after giving her a water bottle mixed with six bottles of Visine, and staged the scene to look like a suicide by drug overdose. For daily trial highlights, click here.

Jessy Kurczewski cries as she hears the verdict in court
Jessy Kurczewski is placed in shackles in court
Jessy Kurczewski cries as she hears the verdict in court
Defense Attorney Donna Kuchler
Eye Drops Murder Trial prosecution closing argument.
Jessy Kurczewski speaks to the judge
Dr. Lindsey Thomas testifies in Jessy Kurczewski's murder trial.
Judge Jennifer Dorow on the bench
Jessy Kurczewski is interviewed by police
Jessy Kurczewski sits in a police interview
Detective Nathan Piennes testifies in court

Eye Drops Murder Trial: Day 7 Recap

Detective Nathan Piennes outlined the investigation into Jessy Kurczewski that revealed more than $100,000 was stolen from Lynn Hernan. More

November 1, 2023

Anthony Pozza testifies in court
Magdalena Soboniak testifies in court
Scott Craig testifies in court
a still frame from video of a police interrogation
Koreen Pazza testifies
Dr. Linda Biedrzycki testified in Jessy Kurczewski's trial
split screen of Joseph Scott Morgan and a picture of Lynn Hernan
Eye Drops Murder Trial GFX: Hernan and Kurczewski.

Eye Drops Murder Trial: Day 1 Recap

Testimony began in WI v. Kurczewski: Eye Drops Murder Trial. The big question is: Was Lynn Hernan's death the result of poisoning or suicide? More

October 25, 2023

Jessy Kurczewski cries in court