Young Thug Rico Case

  Rapper Young Thug was indicted with more than two dozen others on charges of gang crime and racketeering.

Booking photos of 6 defendants
Young Thug sits in court
from the bench logo gfx
Brian Steel in court next to Young Thug.
Brian Steel is held in contempt
Witness in Young Thug who said he was high on the stand.
people standing in court
Young Thug wears a SEX shirt in court.
Trontavious Stephens testifies against rapper Young Thug.
Young Thug sits in court
Young Thug attends the 3rd Annual Diamond Ball in New York Sept. 14, 2017
Young Thug sits in court wearing a white jacket
Young Thug sits in court
The Fulton County Jail
Young Thug wears a wolf sweater in court.
A blonde woman with glasses testifies in court
Det. Mark Belknap testifies in court
Julie Grant
Brian Steel delivers opening arguments in court
Young Thug sits in court