Cold Cases

The worst fear of any case is becoming cold. Cold cases refer to the crimes that remain unsolved for weeks, years or even decades.

Could David Swift Walk Free?

David Swift's defense presents a motion to dismiss, arguing that the statute of limitations expired prior to the indictment. More

July 2, 2024

Vinnie Politan stands in Winn Dixie parking lot

FL v. Malarik: The Winn Dixie Murder

When Sherri Malarik was found dead in a Winn Dixie parking lot, suspicion fell on her husband Greg. 20 years later, a former lover's confession... More

July 1, 2024

combo image of woman and man
Rachel Morin's family join Court TV after authorities announced they arrested Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez in connection to her murder. Morin, 37, was last seen after going for a walk. Her body was found the following day.
mugshot of Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez
Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez arrest photo
Randi Gorenberg/Nancy and Joey Bochicchio
'The Missing Piece' thumbnail
linda stanley speaks to reporters
John Walsh speaking at CrimeCon on June 1, 2024. (Court TV)
woman testifies in court
robin alford testifies
Janie Helm testifies in court
Jennifer Gurien testifies
Dr. Marco Ross testifies
Cathy Bona testifies in court
Bill Bonna testifies in court
defense attorney delivers opening statements
prosecutor delivers opening statements
More than 10 years after a mother of four was found dead in an abandoned cemetery, her husband, David Swift, is heading to trial on charges he murdered her.