Cold Cases

The worst fear of any case is becoming cold. Cold cases refer to the crimes that remain unsolved for weeks, years or even decades.

Duane Davis appears in court
bodycam video shows Duane Davis' arrest
booking photo of rex heuermann
Richard Allen bombshell hearing.
Media outside
A man in blue jail issued clothing leans back in a chair in court
Matt Johnson in front of Indiana court house.
Joran van der Sloot audio
Tupac Shakur.
photo of rex heuermann and gilgo beach digging over affidavits
page tear from a transcript with highlighting
a courtroom sketch shows a judge and 2 men
Beth Holloway speaks to court tv
Holloway family attorney John Q. Kelly.
Joran van der Sloot prepares his confession.
Beth Holloway delivers a press conference.
Joran van der Sloot in 2012.
Natalee Holloway missing poster.
van der Sloot.
Chanley Painter reports on Natalee Holloway