FL v. Keith Agee: STD Revenge Killing Trial

Posted at 9:12 AM, December 20, 2023

PENSACOLA, Fla. (Court TV) — A man was sentenced to life in prison for killing the mother of his young child at a Florida Home Depot.

Keith Agee sits in court

Keith Agee sits in court on the first day of his trial in Escambia County. (Pool/WEAR)

Keith Agee, 20, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Brooklyn Sims, who was shot and killed while working at the home improvement store on Aug. 11, 2023. He was also charged with aggravated battery for injuries sustained by two other people in the store.

Agee allegedly confessed to police, calling 911 to turn himself in shortly after the murder. He later told police that he had been in an on-again-off-again relationship with the victim, with whom he shared a 2-year-old child. Agee acknowledged that the victim had a protective order against him but said that the two would have contact so that he could see and visit their child.

In court documents obtained by Court TV, investigators say Agee told them that he and Sims had sex approximately two weeks before the shooting. The morning of the murder, Agee had been at work in Calvert, Alabama, when he received a call from a medical office telling him that he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Angry, Agee said he left work and returned home, where he retrieved a 9mm handgun and began to drive to Pensacola, where he knew Sims worked.

“Keith Agee stated that while en route to Pensacola, he pulled over on the interstate in Loxley, Alabama, where he considered whether he should keep driving or not. He then said he decided to continue driving to Pensacola.”

Witnesses told police Agee stormed into the Home Depot and confronted Sims before shooting her multiple times and then running out of the store.

After the shooting, police reviewed security camera footage showing Agee getting into his silver sedan before fleeing the scene. Investigators said Agee confessed that he threw the handgun out the window on his way to a movie theater parking lot. There, Agee told police he “wandered in the woods through a creek before deciding to call 0911 to turn himself in.”

When Agee called 911 shortly after, he told the operator that “he was trying to turn himself in because he made a mistake.” Police said they found a 9mm Glock 19 on the side of the road where Agee had said he threw it out of his car window.

Agee took the stand in his own defense on Tuesday, telling the jury about the moment he confronted Sims. “I pointed my finger at her and said, ‘You gave me something,’ … She said, ‘Not this again,’ and turned around and proceeded to walk off from me. I’ve never been so mad in my life. …I pulled my firearm from my waistband and I proceeded to shoot Brooklyn.”

Agee’s mother, Sheila Agee, who worked with Sims at Home Depot, has also been arrested and faces charges in this case. WEAR posted a series of encouraging text messages that Escambia police say helped coordinate Sim’s murder. Court TV confirmed Sheila Agee is due in court in February.