Someone They Knew: Medical Mystery – Court TV Podcast

Posted at 12:43 AM, July 21, 2022 and last updated 12:31 PM, August 17, 2023

Rosemarie Essa had a seemingly perfect life – a rich, successful husband, beautiful children and a family that loved her.  So when she died after being in a minor car accident people couldn’t imagine the bad luck that has struck her family.  But then questions started being asked and friends who knew a little bit more about what was going on in Rosemarie’s life spoke up and suddenly what was deemed a natural medical mystery was instead seen as murder.

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We’ll tell Rosemarie’s story in this week’s edition of the Court TV podcast with another episode of our true crime original “Someone They Knew with Tamron Hall.” To see more of “Someone They Knew With Tamron Hall,” tune into Court TV Sundays at 9pm when we premiere original episodes.  You can also watch the series on demand on the Court TV website by clicking here.

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