Threats, erratic behavior and weapons: Inside the Shiver family’s 911 calls

Posted at 12:42 PM, September 1, 2023


THOMASVILLE, Ga. (Court TV) — A series of 911 calls placed by members of the Shiver family in the months before Lindsay Shiver was charged with plotting the murder of her husband, Robert, is offering a glimpse into the couple’s troubled marriage.

Woman leaves building holding papers up to face

Lindsay Shiver held a folder up in front of her face as she was walked to a transport van. (Court TV)

Lindsay is charged with conspiring to kill her husband with her alleged lover and another man in the Bahamas. Lindsay was released on bond on August 10 with the condition that she could not have any contact with the other defendants or her husband. She is allowed to speak to her three young sons.

The Shiver family, comprised of Lindsay, Robert and their children, lived in Thomasville, Georgia, but frequently vacationed in the Bahamas, where she is charged. In Thomasville, trouble in the family’s home became apparent as early as February.

Court TV obtained the 911 calls placed by members of the family between February and July.

On February 20, 2023, Robert called 911 saying that Lindsay had cut off his cellphone and asking for police to escort him home because he was concerned about her behavior.

“I feel like she might try and call the police and try to set me up as soon as I get there,” Robert told the dispatcher. “My kids are there and I don’t want it to be presented as she goes and screams bloody murder, calls the police over nothing to try to have me carried off in a police car.”

In April, Robert called the police again, this time to report a strange delivery to both his office and his parents’ home. On April 12, he told officers that he had received a USB flash drive in the mail and that the same flash drive had been delivered to his parents in an unmarked envelope. On the drive were photos of Lindsay that had been taken two weeks prior while the family had been out of the country on vacation.

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On April 30, tensions came to a head, prompting Lindsay, Robert and Robert’s mother, Robin, to all place 911 calls asking for police assistance.

Lindsay called dispatchers saying that she was following her mother-in-law’s car because her children were “being withheld” from her. She said that she wanted the police to intervene because Robin had no custodial rights.

“I would just like someone to be there on my behalf when this goes down so that nothing else is misconstrued or misplaced, and I would like my kids to come home,” Lindsay told the dispatcher.

At the same time, Robin called 911 from her vehicle, asking for police to intervene, saying that her daughter-in-law was following her and she was concerned that Lindsay was armed.

“We’ve got a daughter-in-law who’s going through a divorce and she’s following me right now, and I know she does have a pistol possibly in her car. And she is threatening that we will not get to see her kids because my son is on his way back from being out of town with the kids…and she’s on my tail following me right now.”

Robin additionally told dispatchers that she was concerned about Lindsay’s mental health, saying “she’s not well,” and described her behavior as “erratic.”

At the time of the calls, the children were not with Robin or Lindsay, but were, in fact, in the custody of Robert, who also called 911 during the altercation to report his concerns about Lindsay.

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“She just threatened myself and my mother to bring the kids back, and her mom is saying to take her to the ER and check her into some mental institution because she thinks she’s having some kind of mid-life crisis mental breakdown. She’s super unstable and she just followed my parents when they left the house trying to find the kids, and deputies were called.”

A final 911 call was placed on July 16 by Lindsay, who asked for police to come because she was having a dispute with her husband about travel plans. She described Robert as “opening my car and I’m telling him not to. It’s an aggressive behavior and that’s who he is, so we’re having a fight this morning.”

Lindsay appeared to become emotional during the call when she told the dispatcher of her husband, “This man is cocky, full of himself, knows the laws. So just tell whoever shows up to be prepared.”

In each instance, police responded but nobody was taken into custody or charged.