Lindsay Shiver

Lindsay is charged with conspiring to kill her husband with her alleged lover and another man in the Bahamas. The Shiver family, comprised of Lindsay, Robert and their three children, lived in Thomasville, Georgia, but frequently vacationed in the Bahamas, where she is charged. In Thomasville, trouble in the family’s home became apparent as early as February 2023.

Lindsay shiver is seen smiling in the Bahamas
Lindsay shiver is seen smiling in the Bahamas
Shiver family photo
Lindsay Shiver walks toward the camera
Lindsay Shiver arrives at court in the Bahamas
Splitscreen of Matt Johnson reporting and Lindsay Shiver leaving court.
Shiver leaves court 12/21.
Lindsay Shiver's court arrival on 12/21/23.
Photo of Lindsay and Robert Shiver
Lindsay Shiver and her attorneys enter court
A woman in a white jumpsuit walks past the camera
Lindsay Shiver is seen on bodycamera
Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver with her lawyer.
Shiver Bahama court arrival.
split screen of lindsay shiver and two men
Photo of Lindsay Shiver in a pool.
A man and woman's face appear in a red heart on a white background