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Sergio Brown arrest photo
A man in a baseball hat speaks to the camera
a man in a mask and wearing headphones looks at the camera in court
screen grab of an article in a large monitor on set with a stamp saying

Court TV Takes on CrimeCon 2023

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October 11, 2023

composite of family photos showing a woman with children and a man in a suit
A man whispers to a woman while sitting in court
james craig appears in court
composite showing a photo of richard allen and a sketch of two bodies with sticks over them
Chad Daybell sits during a court hearing
booking photo of Brooks Houck
split screen showing two teenagers in jail clothing behind plexiglass
a house with inset of a man's face
Jamell Demons, aka YNW Melly, sits in court.
Officers escort Richard Matthew Allen
bodycam video shows Duane Davis' arrest
Timothy Ferriter and his attorney watch videos played in court
rachel morin smiles in a photograph
A still frame from bodyworn camera footage shows a woman being arrested outside a home.
lori vallow daybell mugshot