Defendant Henry Dinkins pens letter to judge ahead of verdict

Posted at 12:01 PM, September 12, 2023


SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa (Court TV) — Defendant Henry Dinkins has penned a letter to the judge ahead of his verdict announcement.

dinkins' letter

Henry Dinkisn penned a letter to Judge Latham ahead of his verdict announcement. (Court TV)

In Aug., Dinkins stood trial for the July 2020 murder and kidnapping of 10-year-old Breasia Terrell. He opted for a bench trial, meaning Judge Henry Latham will decide his fate. Latham is expected to announce his verdict Friday, Sept. 15.

In Dinkins’ letter, dated Sept. 4 and obtained by Court TV, the defendant claims “the state used deception and sabotaged this whole case to fit their opinion of a theory.” Dinkins claims prosecutors withheld evidence from his defense, and continue to do so.

Judge Latham responded to the letter in a filing, saying since Dinkins has a public defender, he shouldn’t “file any pro se document except for a motion seeking disqualification of appointed counsel.” He then states Dinkins’ attorney should confer with him “to determine whether any motion should be filed and set for hearing.”

Prosecutors delivered their opening statement on Aug. 10, with evidence concluding nearly three weeks later. Terrell was last seen July 9, 2020, while spending the night at Dinkins’ home with her half-brother, who is Dinkins’ biological son.

At trial, the boy testified he saw Dinkins shoot Terrell. A medical examiner testified Terrell died from multiple gunshot wounds. Dinkins maintains his innocence.