Documents: Inmate feared retaliation, refused to testify for Richard Allen

Posted at 3:59 PM, November 16, 2023

By: James Howell Jr.

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (Court TV/Scripps News Indianapolis) — An inmate in the Westville Correctional Facility wrote a letter in July refusing to testify on behalf of Richard Allen, because he feared retaliation.

Richard Allen court arrival.

Richard Allen arrives for a hearing in the case against him for the 2017 murders of Libby German and Abby Williams along with former and new lawyers. (WRTV)

In June, documents unsealed in the Delphi Murders case against Richard Allen revealed a letter from Westville Correctional Facility inmate Robert Baston.

In that letter, Baston wrote about abuse he witnessed taking place against Allen inside the prison. Baston wrote about Allen being “abused and mis-treated” by the staff.

Baston claimed staff inside the prison would often call Allen a “kid killer”.

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Allen is charged with the murders of teenagers Abby Williams and Libby German, whose bodies were found in the woods in 2017.

In documents unsealed on Thursday, Baston was subpoenaed to court to testify on behalf of Allen. He wrote a response, also released Thursday, saying he would not be coming to court because of “fear for my life.”

In his response to the subpoena, Baston says “corrupt sergeants” began abusing him following the first letter he sent to the court — including having his foot and ankle broken by being slammed to the ground.

Baston finishes his letter stating, “until this court can protect me and other inmates at Westville’s restrictive housing unit and report the excessive use of force assaults, abuse, mistreatment, torture and retaliation from corrupt Indiana Department of Corrections staff/officers, then I do not feel safe to testify.”


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