Deobra Redden

Video showed Deobra Redden leap over the defense table and bench to attack a judge during his sentencing in Las Vegas for battery.

Deobra Redden, who attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus, appeared in court today and was given a Sept. 3 trial date.
Deobra Redden's defense attorney noted his client would invoke his right to a speedy trial and intends to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.
Deobra Redden wears a mask and shackles in court
Deobra Redden, the man who attacked Judge has been charged with attempted murder.
Deobra Redden appears in court
Deobra Redden's sister and foster mom speak to the media.
Deobra Redden in spithood mask in court
Deobra Redden enters court
Deobra Redden enters court
inside of courtroom
Karen Read enters courtroom

Courtroom Cheers for Karen Read

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January 5, 2024

man leaping over judicial bench
Man jumps over judicial bench
Man jumps over judicial bench