Man who attacked judge appears in same courtroom for sentencing

Posted at 3:08 PM, January 8, 2024

LAS VEGAS (Scripps News Las Vegas) — A man has been sentenced by the same Clark County District Judge that he attacked last week.

Deobra Redden enters court

Deobra Redden appeared in court on Jan. 8, 2024, wearing a spit hood. (Court TV)

On Monday, Judge Mary Kay Holthus sentenced 30-year-old Deobra Redden to 19 months to two years in prison on attempted battery charges. This was in connection to a baseball bat attack on a person last year and isn’t related to the courtroom attack. According to Holthus, those charges will be handled on a future date by a different court.

Last week, Redden appeared before Holthus on an attempted battery with substantial bodily harm charge. As she was preparing to hand down a sentence, Redden was seen in a viral video jumping over the bench to attack her.

WATCH: Video shows man attack judge during sentencing

According to an arrest report, Holthus said Redden knocked her out of her chair and slammed her head against the wall before ripping some of her hair out. The report also stated that two marshals were notified of a panic alarm but were dispatched to the wrong courtroom.

Man jumps over judicial bench

Deobra Redden is seen in video attacking a Las Vegas judge during sentencing. (Scripps News Las Vegas)

The report adds that corrections officers heard Redden state “he had a bad day and tried to kill the judge today” while he was being strip searched.

Holthus returned to court one day after the attack. She filed an order on Friday asking officers to bring him to court “by any and all means necessary”. She added she has not changed or modified the original sentence that she was going to hand down last week, prior to the attack.

Last week, Chief Judge Jerry Wiese said there are ongoing conversations about hiring more court marshals and assessing the designs of courtrooms at the Regional Justice Center to prevent something like this from happening again.

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