Richard Allen

Banner of Richard Allen Richard Allen is charged with the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German, whose bodies were found in the woods one day after they disappeared in Feb. 2017. Allen has pleaded not guilty and through his defense argued that the murders were ritual killings by a white nationalist group.

New motions were filed by the state in the Delphi Case.
evidence graphic in delphi murders
Richard Allen's defense claims police taped over two video interviews from days after the murders.
Richard Matthew Allen
William Lebrato says he doesn't think Richard Allen killed Abby Williams and Libby German.
Bill Lebrato close up
photos of two men on a monitor in studio
photo of metal cage
metal cage and richard Allen
Judge Fran Gull sitting on the bench
Richard Allen, wearing a bullet proof vest and yellow jumpsuit, appeared in court
split screen of Indiana Supreme Court and Barbara MacDonald
Richard Allen court arrival.
GFX of Indiana high court's Delphi ruling.
Indiana Supreme Court hears Delphi arguments.
Andrew Baldwin, Brad Rozzi, Judge Fran Gull, Delphi Murders suspect Richard Allen
Richard Allen sits in a wheelchair
Richard Allen mugshot