Richard Allen

Banner of Richard Allen Richard Allen is charged with the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German, whose bodies were found in the woods one day after they disappeared in Feb. 2017. Allen has pleaded not guilty and through his defense argued that the murders were ritual killings by a white nationalist group.

GFX of statement about attys wanting to represent Delphi suspect pro bono.
Officers escort Richard Matthew Allen
judge gull and prosecutors
Richard Allen, wearing a bullet proof vest and yellow jumpsuit, appeared in court
interior of a court room at the Allen County, Ind. Courthouse.
split screen photos of abby williams libby german and richard allen
Richard Allen bombshell hearing.
Judge Frances Gull sits on the bench
Officers escort Richard Matthew Allen, out of the Carroll County courthouse
Matt Johnson in front of Indiana court house.
split screen of abby german and libby williams
Photos of young girls
Site where Abby and Libby last scene
Vinnie talks about Odinism and Delphi.
Booking photo of Richard Allen
composite showing a photo of richard allen and a sketch of two bodies with sticks over them
Officers escort Richard Matthew Allen
Alleged Pagan symbols found on tree
A man is escorted by police out of a vehicle
still from cell phone video showing a man in a jacket with text 'guys down the hill'