Sebastian Rogers

Sebastian Rogers, 15, disappeared overnight on Feb. 26 from his mother's home in Tennessee. There's been no sign of him or foul play as the search continues.

Photo of Sebastian Rogers
A picture taken at a rest stop in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina shows a teen that looks like Sebastian Rogers.
Julie Grant with a picture of Sebastian Rogers on the monitor behind her.
Seth Rogers said Chris Proudfoot approached him during a vigil for Sebastian Rogers to put aside their egos to work together in order to find Sebastian.
Court TV questions how there are no leads in the search for Sebastian Rogers and how he suffered from 6Q27 Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome.
A prayer vigil for missing teen, Sebastian Rogers, was held over the weekend.
Chris Proudfoot's ex-wife, Nina Gomez, speaks about the custody battle she's in with Proudfoot over their daughter.
The panel discuss the body language Chris and Katie Proudfoot display during an interview, including the lack of emotion between the couple when discussing Sebastian's disappearance.
Seth Rogers alleges that his son, Sebastian Rogers, who was seven or eight at the time, was molested by an older boy who was let into the home by Katie and Chris Proudfoot.
According to Sebastian Rogers' father, Seth, he said if there's a place where someone would think a person would not be or go, it should be a place to search because Sebastian is a 'little quirky.'
split screen showing photo of sebastian rogers and his father
Seth Rogers joins Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan and discusses Chris and Katie Proudfoot's comments regarding Sebastian Rogers.
Missing Teen Sebastian Rogers' father, Seth Rogers, Joins Court TV.
One month after 15-year-old Sebastian Rogers disappeared, the search continues for the missing teenager with autism.
Photo of Sebastian Rogers