The Court TV Podcast Episode 85

Posted at 8:47 AM, April 15, 2021 and last updated 5:53 PM, May 12, 2023

As the prosecution in the Derek Chauvin murder trial continues to present its case, they now turn to the medical experts to establish the cause of death. Were they successful in presenting the very scientifically and medically technical information in a way the jury will be able to understand? Did they make a mistake not leading with the local medical examiner who was charged with initially establishing George Floyd’s manner of death?

The Death of George Floyd Murder Trial, Pt 7: Cause of Death

Host Vinnie Politan and Court TV’s Michael Ayala will review the key moments and share their thoughts on how the defense countered the powerful testimony. Watch the trial daily from gavel to gavel on CourtTV and and tune in to see Vinnie Politan and the entire Court TV team review each day’s testimony on Closing Arguments weeknights from 8pm to 11pm.

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