Maxwell Anderson

Maxwell Robinson is charged with the murder of Sade Robinson, whose body parts were found scattered after the pair had a first date.

Julie Grant with a picture of Maxwell Robinson on the monitor.
maxwell anderson enters court
Maxwell Anderson was supposed to be in court today for a preliminary probable cause hearing, but chose to waive his appearance.
Julie Grant with a picture of Sade Robinson on the monitor.
Someone walking the beach along Lake Michigan found more remains, which are believed to be that of Sade Robinson.
sade robinson smiles
A location app on Sade Robinson's phone placed her at the restaurant, a sports bar, Anderson's home, then at the park, where her remains were found.
Julie Grant with a pic of victim Sade Robinson on the monitor.
In an effort to find the rest of Sade Robinson's body, family and friends continue the search, but frustration has been building in the community at the lack of police-led searches.
photo of Sade Robinson
sade robinson smiles
The search by family and members of the community for missing 19-year-old Sade Robinson has led to the discovery of other human remains.